USA ELections : Les Démocrates blayés !

Les Democrates seront balayés !

Jerry Brown is shown.
One of the Democrats’ great turnaround stories is Jerry Brown in California. | AP Photo Close
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Nathan Daschle, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association, is a boxing fan who says his candidates are “in the 12th round, because we’ve been fighting all year.”

“The Republicans have got a huge wind at their back,” Daschle said in an interview for the POLITICO video series, “Countdown to 2010.”

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“They’ve got a lot of things going for them, but they haven’t been able to knock us out. I think we’ve shown we’ve got a great chin. We’ve shown we can take a punch. … If this is a matter of heart, which a lot of boxing matches are, I think we’ll win.”

Daschle has been telling audiences that if Democrats have a bright spot on election night, it’ll be the statehouse races. And he calls this “the election of a generation in gubernatorial politics.”

“You have three things going on,” he said. “One is we have 37 gubernatorial races, 24 of which are open. Two is that a number of these run through important 2012 battlegrounds. And three is that this falls on the eve of congressional redistricting. So it’s not a stretch to say that the gubernatorial elections this year is going to shape the political landscape for the next decade.”

What will constitute victory?

“If we can end the night short of where the Republicans project — having picked up some big states like California, Florida, maybe holding onto Ohio — we’re going to end the night with about the same number, if not more, Americans having a Democratic governor as we have now and possibly more electoral votes than we have now, and more than the Republicans have. If that’s the case, then there’s no question it was a win for us.”

One of the Democrats’ great turnaround stories is Jerry Brown in California, who held off on campaign advertising until Labor Day.

“He got a lot of criticism,” Daschle said. “There a number of people — I know here in D.C., and elsewhere — who were criticizing him. They were saying, ‘Jerry Brown needs to get active. It’s a much too sedentary campaign.’ And his team was saying, ‘No. Just wait. We knew the most important time for us to be spending money is post-Labor Day. Now, Meg Whitman spent about a hundred million dollars up until Labor Day, and she could not close this race.’”

Daschle also takes heart from his party’s ability to stay competitive in Rust Belt races.

“Ohio’s closing,” he said. “We’re stronger in Pennsylvania than we were … just a couple of weeks ago. I think we’re going to pick up Minnesota. We’re still very, very competitive in Wisconsin. … Voters there, like they are everywhere, are still looking for change.”

Daschle said a hurdle for the party has been “a long-term, unsatisfied appetite for change in this nation.”

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