HU JINTAO et OBAMA on Power list !

Hu’s on first

Forbes bumps Obama on power list

Forbes bumps Obama on power list

Chinese president Hu Jintao is at the top of Forbes’ ‘Most Powerful People’ list. Close

Here’s another blow to President Obama’s ego: Forbes has bumped him from the top of its “Most Powerful People” list. 

The new top dog isn’t John Boehner, though — or anyone from the United States: It’s China’s president, Hu Jintao.

The list, published Wednesday, moved Hu up from last year’s spot at No. 2. Obama now sits in second place.

No Republican lawmakers are anywhere on the list of power brokers, most of whom are world leaders or the heads of companies and organizations.

The rankings are determined by seven Forbes editors who filter through an initial group of 75 candidates on four areas: the degree of the person’s influence on people, their financial resources, whether they are powerful in multiple spheres and how actively they wield their power.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was ranked No. 20, followed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg at No. 23 and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner at No. 28.

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