La Syrie se met à fabrique des armes nucléaires !

CIA had low confidence Syrian plant bombed by Israel was a nuclear weapon
Albuquerque Express
Saturday 6th November, 2010  

The former U.S. president confirmed he had no evidence the plant Syria was building was a nuclear weapons facility. He wrote in his book, "Decision Points," he had received an intelligence report about a "suspicious, well-hidden facility in the eastern desert of Syria." Bush said he telephoned Olmert to tell him of the report, and it was then that the Israeli prime minister urged the U.S. president to bomb the facility.

Bush said he discussed various options with his national security team, including a bombing mission, "but bombing a sovereign country with no warning or announced justification would create severe blowback."

In an extraordinary admission the former president said a covert raid was also discussed but was considered too risky to slip a team in and out of Syria undetected. A covert raid many would describe as a terrorist attack.

The book also reveals for the first time that the CIA which had "high confidence," that the Syrian plan contained a nuclear reaction, had "low confidence" that it was part of a nuclear weapons program. The assessment was delivered to Bush directly by then-CIA Director Mike Hayden.

Bush also revealed he told Olmert, "I cannot justify an attack on a sovereign nation unless my intelligence agencies stand up and say it’s a weapons program."

Bush offered to address the Syrian issue by diplomacy with a threat of military action. Olmert, says Bush, told him, "Your strategy is very disturbing to me."

Israel subsequently bombed the Syrian facility using its own resources. Bush wrote he did not authorise the bombing or give Israel a "green light." Israel refused to acknowledge it had carried out the strike and prohibited Israeli media from covering the attack.

The U.S. also refused to comment on the raid. When asked on Fox News Sunday on September 16 2007, Defense Secretary Robert Gates would not respond to questions on the attack. Neither would he confirm the veracity of leaked intelligence reports suggesting that North Korea may have been assisting Syria build a nuclear weapons facility. "But all I will say is we are watching the North Koreans very carefully. We watch the Syrians very carefully," he said.

It was not until October 2 2007 that the Israel Defense Forces admitted it had carried out the September 6 2007 attack. On October 28 2007 Olmert told his cabinet he had apologized to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo

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